Tuesday, March 31, 2009

MMM... Good!

I just finished this one last night. I am actually going to do two for our upcoming show... I'm thinking the next soup may be Charlie Noodle... but let me know if you have any other clever soup names. It was that or Bob with Barley, or maybe Cream of Marsha? Not sure just yet.

I actually created this because I wanted something to hang in my freshly painted kitchen and I love the classic Andy Warhol Soup cans, but wanted to give it my own flair. I remembered the time my daughter Stella misread a soup can as Cannibals and it cemented the idea. She often adds extra letters to names (like McDonGalds). After studying a can I changed condensed to condemned... how perfect!

Now I'm off to sketch out my next project. I want to take a day off of Cannibalism so I'm moving on to a portrait of my friend's dead dog... I'll post pics when I'm done. :)

Happy Tuesday!


Monday, March 30, 2009

sneaky preview

sneaky preview of a jen painting

Just a little preview of a painting I'm working on for our upcoming show that is less than 2 weeks away--yikes! Heather and I are both in prep mode; we even have an eating/drinking/painting date for Friday night. Thankfully, we're a couple of girls who work well under pressure.

I thought I would give an early heads up, so people (meaning you) could plan to come see us and our work in person. It will prove to be a very fun night.
Details are found to the right.


*and Heather, I challenge you to take a close-up picture of something you're working on as a preview for our blogdience.

Friday, March 27, 2009

A plea to the sun and 3 links

by Heather Jarvis 2009

First I want to begin with a plea to the sun.
Please come out, we could use some vitamin D here in the Northwest. Cozy days of drizzle and naps are becoming tired.

*On to business, the 3 links this week are as follows:

1. Scooter Pop--featuring our photographer friend Scooter Lowrimore, and in his premier post he advises readers on how they too can become a spy in less than 2 hours.

2. Simply Supper--a blog by Laura Prothero, who also happens to be a writer. Her recipes, photos, and words come together so nicely, it almost (almost) makes me want to cook.

3. Willow Bader Artist--art by Willow Bader. I happened upon her when looking at the map from the Edmond's Artwalk that I participated in last week. When reading through the names and descriptions, I thought her name seemed lyrical and that was enough to make me want to look her up. Her drawings are my personal favorite, yet her encaustic tango pieces are entrancing.

These are three that are inspiring to me today, making me laugh, sit up straight (as all impressive art work does), and want to want to cook.


Thursday, March 26, 2009

real quick

music feather friend by jennifer culp 2009

Hey, not to be a yawner, but I just wanted to let our imaginary blogdiance know that I created a blog that will act as an archive of my art. I won't be writing or saying anything on it, it's just a place to put my birds--keeping it up to date visually but that's about it (http://www.jenniferculpart.blogspot.com/).

Also, I'm on twitter (link on the right).

I just came from a ladies who launch meeting downtown tonight and am inspired. Thanks to Jill for having me as her guest. I'll update the 3 links tomorrow, unless Heather wants to pop in and say something?


Monday, March 23, 2009

trying not to be a yawner

by Riana 2009

The pastel piece above is by my daughter Riana (16). She made it tonight for a friend of hers--Mary. I thought I would share it, because I don't know about you, but it's got to be tiring looking at all the birds on our blog. So I will try not to post so many of my birds, and try to keep it a little more diverse, yet still showcase personal artwork. Although this is not mine or Heather's, Riana wanted me to blog about it. Probably not so much about the art itself, but about the atmosphere in which it was created.

Tonight we worked together in my studio--her pasteling, me packaging up paintings to ship out--all while listening to some mixes from her ipod by DJ DV ONE.
We're one in the same about working with music, so she shared a sweet reggae mix, then some west coast gangster rap. I'm not really sure what other parents would think about me listening to some of the lyrics that we listened to together, but as I explained to Riana when she noted the possible awkwardness of the situation, lyrics are just (artistically) expressive words. Man that's a dorky way to say big deal--who cares, bad words. I know she knows I dig reggae, and I know she knows I dig hip-hop, but I think maybe she thinks I somehow have missed all music with questionable content and lyrics?

Anyway, she was disappointed that she is grounded from using the computer at the moment and couldn't hop onto facebook and update her status to "listening to Too Short with my mom."

So that was me trying not to be a yawner with my girl, and by sharing her art, also trying not to be a yawner with the blog.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Artwalk happenings

good as gold by jennifer culp 2009

Thank you to all of my friends, old and new, who stopped in to say hello and make my night such an enjoyable time. It was the most fun Edmond's Artwalk I've participated in, and my location was great.

I should first extend appreciation to those at Resident Cheesemonger for having me; thank you, especially Monica--so kind and patient. All who visited the shop were either charmed by it's quaint environment or were there on purpose to purchase specialty cheese with enthusiasm I had not witnessed before. It was so busy, I spent a good portion of the evening up at the head of the shop, near the window and door, trying to stay out of Monica's way while she helped the customers. After about an hour of standing in this particular spot, I heard a girl say, "Look Daddy, 'Beware of cow.'" I looked to see where she was pointing and next to my foot was a little sign displaying the words she had just spoken. There actually was a little plastic cow that usually sat a little closer to the sign, but it seemed to have gotten bumped at some point, and I was then the one closest to the sign, and once pointed out to me, I did take a big step back. This probably alludes to the cow theme present in the shop. You know, cows = cheese.

Anyway, along with my friends of old who stopped by, like Mary from our last art show, and Anita from my sculpture class, I met new friends. Sie-ce, a girl who looked to be a "tween" age, seemed to be attracted to one of my little plywood paintings and told me that she had come up with a name for it--song bird. It was actually funny that she did, because it was the only plywood painting without a title, because I had just finished it about 20 minutes before I packed up for the show. Later Sie-ce came back with a coin purse full of dollars and change, telling me it was almost enough to purchase the little song bird piece and asking if it would be okay. Of coarse she is now the owner of song bird (thank you Sie-ce, and I apologize if I'm not spelling your name correctly).

I also met a sweet man, who showed me his love for birds in a recent tattoo he acquired in memory of his wife. He also shared some beaded jewelry she had made for him (beautiful) and told me how she also liked to paint. He serenaded me briefly with a few Roy Orbison lyrics after sharing his love of singing ballads. Something about his countenance touched me. One of the necklaces he wore was so special, and maybe it was my collector nature that made me feel kindred, but I appreciate the opportunity I had in meeting him.

I did take a moment to run up the street to see the art of Lynne Alexander. Someone had mentioned that she too had some bird works, so I had to check it out. Her work can be seen at http://www.alexanderartworks.net/, and both Heather and I would like to have one of her bird in the house pieces. I was told about artist Karol Westphal, but was unable to make it to see her work. I looked online at http://www.daisyskyscape.com/ to see her work and love her florals and landscapes. Her poppy looks similar to a poppy that I did as a demonstration at my first Edmond's Artwalk, which is always a funny thing, but like said before, there are no new ideas (mine can be seen an http://www.artistrising.com/, searching jennifer culp, if you're inclined to see what I mean).
The night ended with good food, drink, and laughter. Thanks to Heather and her husband Jason, I don't think I've laughed so hard since our last dinner after our last art show.


Sunday, March 15, 2009

Three links and a thanks.

cardboard blue bird by jennifer 2009

I first want to extend appreciation once again to my friend Bill, who has cut some plywood for me, so that I have 32 little squares on which to paint--thanks a bunch Bill.

I also wanted to initiate our 3 links deal again...you know, 3 links that don't stink, generally highlighting art in many forms or other bits inspirational to Heather and me for whatever reason, explainable or not.

This week's 3:

1. D.S. Brennan Photography- a photographer from Rhode Island, chosen because I thought I'd research what's going on artistically in RI and came across Diana Stith Brennan--I really dig her work.

2. Rat City Rummage- a rummage/arts and crafts sale in South Seattle at a roller rink. I thought this would be a cool link for artists, junk collectors, and art collectors alike. I'd like to participate in the future, maybe sell some stuff, and I'm wondering if they'll let me live out my childhood dream of skating as a roller-boogie queen while selling my wares?

3. Walker Rock Garden- a charming garden in the former backyard of the Walkers of West Seattle. I went there as a child and still have a rock that Mr. Walker gave to me somewhere in my collection of things. I linked to a flickr page that opens tons of photos that many people have contributed of the little gem in West Seattle.

So find our 3 links off to the right to click and enjoy.

*A thought on junk and collecting occurred to me while considering this week's links:
I'm a collector from way back, and used to be a bit obsessive. I've kept some of the most ridiculous treasures, like (as a teenager) the matchbook to a friend's friend's friend's sister's wedding, to commemorate that we crashed 2 weddings that night. Really was it necessary? I have a million of such treasures and I realized how silly it is to keep the tangibles. Stuff comes and goes--things, money, relationships, seasons; all we really have is our memories, and even those are fleeting, so really what we have is the moment.
So on that note, I probably should strap on my roller skates and boogie on down to Rat City and sell some of my rummage.

*example, artwork above is from recycled cardboard that used to line my work area when I painted, and I kept it for no other reason than it looked cool and was a journal of colors, materials, and notes to myself during the period in which it was used (at least I've given it a little justifiable purpose).


Friday, March 13, 2009

This one's for you girl.

mixed media by jennifer 2009

Thank you Heather.
That's about all I can say.


Monday, March 9, 2009

Sweet Inspiration

Although there may be nothing new under the sun, what is old is new to us and so rich and astonishing that we never tire of it.—Robert Davies

Inspiration, a topic I haven’t explored on our blog much recently, but so valuable.
Sometimes it loudly manifests itself after seeing, hearing, and feeling the world around us, yet often it comes from within, but even then it must be originating and building upon cultural baggage that we aren’t even aware of.

*My daughter, usually a music making nut, picked up a paint brush recently, and created some pretty cool paintings. I’d like to think that she may have been inspired by me (wishful motherly thinking probably). Her painting above actually reminds me of a picture on the blog of a favorite cartoonist of mine, and makes me wonder if she was inspired by that?
The ease in which she created the painting inspired me; the act of painting, not planning, not sketching it out first—just acting. [see painting above]

*Literarily inspiring to me right now is William B. Irvine’s A Guide to the Good Life [the ancient art of stoic joy], and I mention this because I have a sneaking suspicion I am not alone in my partiality to stoicism.

*Heather. Heather is inspiring to me. She just told me some of the ideas she has for some new works, and I’m (not gonna lie) miffed I didn’t think of these ideas myself. [Not really. I can’t wait to see her bring these ideas to visual life].

*Music—ever inspiring. If you read our blog, this may be redundant, but http://www.kexp.org/ is always a hidden factor in all of my work, and may be for you too. Better go, listen, and find out for yourself.

I just wanted to give a little thought to inspiration, and try to be better about sharing links to those who are inspiring me.


Friday, March 6, 2009

a little heads-up

by jennifer culp 2009

I just wanted to give a little heads-up about my next show. I'll be at Resident Cheesemonger participating in the March Edmond's Artwalk, Thursday March 19th 5-8pm. A detailed map and list of the evening's events can be found at http://www.manyaveeselects.com/.
I'm pleased to be stationed at this location for a couple of reasons:
1. It's right in the heart of the Artwalk.
2. I've enjoyed some of my favorite artists at Resident Cheesemonger as a looky-loo during past walks. In fact one time, my oldest daughter and I decided go to the artwalk, and when visiting the Resident Cheesemonger she held her nose the entire time, which was a little embarrassing since I was having a pretty meaningful conversation with an artist I admire.

*on another note, it was the same night I witnessed my daughter get cat-called by a jerk in a big truck. He yelled out as he drove by, "are those jeans painted on?"--referring to my daughter's "skinny jeans" (teenage must-have). And I'm sure from afar she looked like an adult, but she's my girl, and it really ticked me off. I was about ready to drop my purse and chase his truck down and kick him in his naked lady mud-flaps. But instead, I turned to my daughter and congratulated her on her cat-call initiation, and explained she's becoming a woman.

Anyway, come and see my work in person; much of it will be new, and please, no cat-calls--it's a pet peeve of mine (punny).


Tuesday, March 3, 2009

me + Heather

pinata party bird by jennifer culp 2009

I am thrilled to say that I get to show with Heather again. Hold on, I've got to turn down my music. I cannot write and listen to music at the same time. Some people, like my daughter for instance, work better with music. I find it distracting--gotta move. Only classical (can I work with), but even then it's too distracting sometimes. Not because I have to move, but because it's moving. Anyway...

I am happy to announce I'll be participating in the Phinney/Greenwood Artwalk in April (details later). The funny thing is, I kind of signed Heather up for the deal too. Her work is quirky cool and this venue will be the best place to show it off. Now if only the girl would answer her phone I could tell her.

*and on that note, Heather and I were talking last week and she acknowledged all of the kind things I've said about her recently on our blog, and I pointed out how she had started it with her mushy pre-Valentine video. I asked her what was up; I mean she's a smack talker from way back (at least to me). She admitted she reserves it for me in person, yet I feel like we owe it to our imaginary blogdiance to publicly deal with one another the way we do in "real life." Enough with the love fest. With that said, I hope to provide readers with some unusual character revelations of the two of us...Heather's note to me being a crazy bird lady in a post the other day is a good start I guess.

These are my haphazard thoughts today. If they're confusing, too bad; amusing, good then.