Sunday, November 30, 2008

Portland Art Inspired the 3 Links

The Annunciation Campin 1425
Being gone over the holiday kept the 3 links from being poppin fresh…sorry. Heather stayed in town to host her first Thanksgiving and make her first turkey. I really wanted to attend her dinner, if anything to enjoy her domestication (which neither of us really are), but following tradition, we went to Portland to visit family. While in Portland, I gathered a few cool links—being the artistic epicenter that Portland is.

Crafty Wonderland—super colossal holiday sale! It’s a monthly “arts and crafts extravaganza” featuring many vendors with handmade wares. Check out the photos—looks cool—as well as the list of vendors for the December show. Well worth it if you’re anywhere near the area.

Charles Dwyer—artist. I saw his piece titled Grace at a gallery and looked him up. His figurative art and abstract art are my favorite, but his photography is equally as intriguing.

grammargirl—owner of NOUN a person’s place for things. If you scroll through a few pages, you witness a fair representation of the cool items for sale in NOUN. I was excited to see one of my favorite etsy artist’s (Rachel Austin) paintings in person.

That’s it. As for the visual feature today, it’s a page out of a book I made as a project for an Art History class. It explores the notion of what I might say or think if I were in Mary’s shoes, featuring various painted Annunciation scenes. The one above is the center of a triptych altarpiece by Robert Campin (and Assistant) 1425, and of coarse my comment inserted [caption reads: "Focus Mary, just pretend like he's not there"]. Below is the cover to the book [fortune reads: "You will hear a kind word from a stranger"].

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

1-3 days only, but so nice...I'm in an Etsy Treasury Again.

hootenanny 2008

I just thought I'd send out the message I'm featured in an Etsy Treasury, thanks to 'awesomeradastic.' The Treasury is entitled pink & gray, and can be found at
I appreciate the support artists give one another.


Monday, November 24, 2008

Heather's Pet Portrait Endeavor

sparky 2008

So here’s the picture Heather and I lost the other day when we were trying to design postcards for her new pet portrait endeavor. It's a commission piece featuring Sparky as the subject. I love this painting and look forward to her future creations.

(jen) on behalf of Heather?

Sunday, November 23, 2008

You can't trust a baby...

First, I want to share some art that is an [unintended] collaborative effort on the part of my youngest daughter (6) and Heather’s baby (2). When Heather came over the other day she brought her budding young artist daughter. She is notorious (more than I’ve ever seen) for writing on anything with anything—the world is her canvas and the nearest marking item is her medium.
Contrary to her house, she only colors on things that are intended to be colored on when she comes to my house; at her house loopty-loos, scribbles and stick figures adorn walls, floors, furniture (etc.). This last visit, she only colored on a magnetic white board on the refrigerator and a couple of self portraits my daughter had made. You can see from the photo she just enhanced (with green marker) the eyes, nose, and mouth, as well as coloring in the crown pattern my daughter put on the shirt. I was pleased, my daughter was a little hesitant…learning the lesson at a young age, you can’t trust a baby (It’s almost like you have to watch them all the time or something—by the way, don’t trust them with your purse either).
But above is the collaborative masterpiece; remember you saw it here first.

*Also, I went to the 20/20 Vision art show in Burien last night with my friend Lucky Red Hen ( 400 little masterpieces hanging among a crowd of people who were eagerly snatching them up at $40 a piece. We got there about 7 minutes after 7:00 (the opening) and it was quite picked over and crowded as if the party had been going on for hours. The artwork we kept gravitating toward was created by Rebecca Chizeck, and Lucky (Shannon) was fortunate enough to lay claim to two pieces. You can see a few examples of her work at --click on Hatch Madness, its true is my favorite.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Went on a walk, saw some art...

Life Cycle #3 Megan Burke

gently down the stream Jennifer Culp

I went to the Edmond’s Artwalk last night with a new artist friend Megan, and her husband Mike. It was a little concerning on the drive—pouring rain, but ended up to be a beautifully rainless, shiny-street, dark and cloudy night. We didn’t make it to many exhibits, but what we did see was great eye-candy. My favorite of the night was Kimi Hansen, but unfortunately she doesn’t yet have a web-site, so I can’t really share. I could tell you about the vivid colors, the luminescence of her work, or the unpredictable nature of the subjects (like green olives and mint hard candies), but that would be like trying to tell you what jazz sounds like.
Another artist worth noting is Kim Hood, photographer ( He recently published a book entitled Seven Continents. It’s a moving compilation full of black and white images from his various travels, sprinkled with relevant quotes and journal entries. What I like best about his book is it progresses from broad to intimate when he focuses on his home continent.

All in all it was a nice night to be out, friends, art and interesting conversation.

*As for the pieces above, I wanted to show them together because they look like they could be sisters. The first piece is # 3 in a Life Cycle series by Megan Burke (my new friend, and the one below it is the left piece to a two piece work by me. The interesting thing is that they look related and they are both (seemingly) created in the same spirit. Mine too is a life cycle—a flower (person) moving gently down the stream (of life), and in the second piece [not shown], the flowers are gilded, representing a different phase of the “life cycle;" this causes me to ponder how Megan’s develop through her Life Cylcle series? [the rest of Megan’s can be seen on her site]. I just thought it was cool—kindred.


Thursday, November 20, 2008

Just thought you should know & 3 links

So Heather came over today, we were designing some postcards for her new project—pet portraits—but while we were setting up the program, somehow the pictures she intended to use vanished. Not too surprising, we’re artists not technology experts. So the postcard deal fell through, which is a bummer, because that’s one of my most favorite things, picking up new postcards fresh from the printer. Instead I thought I could coerce her to say a little something on our blog, but she pointed out how it’s actually funny at this point that she hasn’t said anything. So she convinced me she should be the silent mysterious partner behind the scenes, and I’ll act as the public voice. I tried to convince her to at least post her picture/profile/ statement, yet keeping in character, she suggested it’s best that I do these things on her behalf. She gave me full permission to say whatever I want, which is a little concerning for two reasons:

1. She must really trust me; honestly, she shouldn’t. What if she ticks me off? I could tell everyone about the time I caught her licking frogs in her backyard (but I would never do that).
2. People may think she’s a figment of my imagination, which I guess really isn’t that big of a deal, and really this all adds to her mystique—lucky her, mysterious, funny, and maybe not real.

Anyway, she said I could post whatever picture/statement/profile I want. Should be fun.

*Also, here are this weeks three links:

1.—art of Chris Crites (other works is visually rewarding).

2. Amy Carleton—portrait artist extraordinaire.

3. Poor Sailor—beautiful art ( I love the honesty of her post on the 18th).

I'm off to see some art.


Wednesday, November 19, 2008

A couple of things...

It's been nearly a week since I've written, and I just can't stay away today (wow an unintended triple rhyme). I first want to share a picture I took. If you've read the "Ladies and Gentlemen of the Forest" post, then you understand I have a special (maybe weird) appreciation for the personalities of trees. Soon after I shared my thoughts on trees, I stepped outside to snap some pictures for inspiration. When I uploaded the images on my computer I was pleasantly surprised to find the knees of this lady tree. She looks to be standing demurely (or maybe cleaning fluids are finally getting to me).

Also, I've been sitting on this story for some time, and I just have to share. If there is anyone out there reading this that has had a similar experience I REALLY want to hear about it, because it was very surreal for me.
Well as many of you may know, Heather and I started by painting children's furniture for a local consignment shop in Seattle. Back then, about 8 or so years ago, neither of us created art on a consistent basis. It seemed like our stuff sold well, and as I created it, I wondered where it would end up--much like now. So this summer Heather and I were doing some mural work in Seattle, for a household that was admirable in their appreciation for art.
While Heather and I were setting up shop, I spotted something familiar out of the corner of my eye. Down the hall, in the middle of the reading room was a rubber duck step stool I had painted. It was so exciting. It was still loved and used after all of these years, and (if I do say so myself) has held up quite well. [The picture below, not so good, but you can at least see the stool].

my step stool friend in its environment

When I imagined this day, the day I randomly came across my art that someone had purchased, I imagined it would be one of my masterpiece paintings that I slaved over for months--but no, it was a humble little step stool.
It was very inspiring though. It was as if the logos were telling me my work was worthy and I should continue. It put a little hop in my paintbrush.

*On another note, I have some new links I'd like to post, but I'd also like to check with Heather and see if she has some too. Also, she's working on some projects...I'm eager to see.


Thursday, November 13, 2008

Petite Project & New Links

These are a latest creation, hand-painted magnets, constructed from recycled materials (metal rounds and magnetic backing). Thanks to Britanny for the rounds--see I knew they were valuable.

As for the links this week: Heather has contributed two. These are two sites she finds inspiring.

1. smart mama's blog--cool ideas and her gallery is impressive (looks Klimt inspired).

2. decor8--"fresh finds for hip places"

As for me, I'm choosing:

3. daily candy--a publication to keep you apprised of any happenings in many major cities (including Seattle). My pick is the art section.

So there you have it--this week's 3.
Look right, and click away.


Monday, November 10, 2008

Hello, is anybody there? Hello? Hello?

hang up and try your call again 2006

So since my technical difficulties, I don't have any images to draw from (clean computer and all), so I thought I'd go through some discs to find images that would be important enough to keep in my files. As I did this I realized this is a good time to make a clean break and move on. It's been hard to be creatively prolific, due to life's happenings getting in the way (and I think I can make this statement on behalf of both Heather and I), but this is all the more reason to put down the books, set aside the dishes, tell the kids to fend for themselves [just kidding/ kind of] and simply create.

In the mean time, I posted this older mixed media/brown paper piece that actually ends up looking like Heather (the eyes).

*Posting an older piece makes me feel a little lame, because I know I haven't done anything in a few weeks--makes me feel a bit like an online dater that posts a really old picture.


Sunday, November 9, 2008

Technical Difficulties

I don't like when this happens. My computer gave up, so I moved over to a back up. All is well, except I have no images to share, because they are all on the ill fated computer. I just wanted to give a little notice, because it could take a minute to get all the programs going again. In the meantime, imagine I'm humming some elevator music while you look at our blank screen.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

A Favorite Mural & *new links*

This is a photo of a mural Heather and I recently did for a nursery. I was the photographer that day, so I apologize for the quality of the photo (but I'm not entirely to blame, it was also a gloomy rainy Seattle day, so I was working with limited light source). This work is designed by Heather and painted by me--a circus theme--which is actually a running joke with us. Heather loves circus themes; I think the fact she keeps suggesting them to clients helps her work through her deep seeded fear of clowns (notice no clowns?). We've both painted children's furniture in the past, and Heather was fortunate enough to be able to paint her walls while growing up, so that may have something to do with most of our murals being children's themes. We do occasional "grown up" designs, but mostly gravitate toward children's projects...they are the most fun clients to gain inspiration from.

As for this week's three links that don't stink:

20/20 Vision--Burien Arts Association art show, so this one is for the Seattle locals. *please note the $40*

Pierre Riche--cool sculptor.

Mo Willems--super funny author/illustrator. I actually once went to his book signing (Knuffle Bunny Too), while my kids were in school. I think I may have been the only grown up unaccompanied by a child, but it was worth it--he's so entertaining. *check out Pigeon Presents* and play hot dog dress up & Elephant and Piggie Dance Game


Sunday, November 2, 2008

Trees: The Ladies and Gentlemen of the Forest

I might be crazy, but there is this tree I pass by everyday, and I feel like I know him. I've always had an appreciation of nature, but this tree caused me to realize how much trees resemble humans (or vice versa). I like to think of them as wise men and elegant ladies, with their arms stretched out--palms up, fingers delicately spread--and in the winter they catch puffy bits of snow. It's not surprising that now it's fall, the trees are dramatically making their presence known. The other day my kids and I stood beneath a canopy of very tall trees while hundreds of leaves rained down on us (with big gusts of wind), all the while trying to catch a leaf, which is harder than it sounds because they fall unpredictably.
When all of the trees finally lose their leaves, they're left unclothed and their essence is revealed--which is how I first noticed my tree friend.
Just so you know, he is not featured here; we once took a picture of him, but it was too dark and it didn't turn out, but when he sheds his leaves again, I am going to take a new picture, which is the point of this post; my new series will be entitled: Ladies and Gentlemen (inspired by trees).
By the way, new links will be added in the next day or two, including at least one pick from Heather. Tune in.
2008 painting ispired by trees (above)