Saturday, September 18, 2010

yes, we're busy, and here's why...

All photos courtesy of Nic Tucker Photo

Yes, our blog has been a bit neglected, and as everything else in life, it is evolving from how we originally intended. For the last year, I've been newly employed at an event production company, so my art has taken a back seat, and Heather has been busy with her new consulting position as party/event stylist.

Recently I was asked to throw together a surprise party for the managing director of the company I work for, and I was a bit intimidated, knowing she's pretty much the best production manager you'll ever encounter. On top of that, she--not knowing I was organizing her birthday party--had me working on a major production project. I needed help. Thankfully my partner in artistic crime, Heather, is a party stylist extraordinaire.

She basically coordinated the elements you see here, and thanks to Nic Tucker [photographer], you can see the beauty of the party--hat themed, by the way.

The birthday girl's box of mixed exotically flavored truffles, created by Suess Chocolates, and decorated by yours truly.

A box of Suess truffles as party favors for guests. One of Heather's duties as party stylist for this shindig was to go to Suess for a truffle taste test (must be rough).

Me in my hat.

The birthday girl was pleased, the party a success, and Heather saved yet another day for me.

Thank you Heather.