Friday, July 10, 2009

Bluebird, art, and Dick's

my art on Bluebird's walls

Last night was a terrific opening night for Bluebird. Bluebird is a homemade ice cream/tea room establishment, full of warmth and charm, and also housing a cool shop upstairs called Snowmonkey's: House of Monsters--selling all things monster, in a cool artistic way.
Our friend Scooter Lowrimore [] showed up to Bluebird with camera in hand, and captured a visual diary of our evening together--some of which is shown here.

some of Bluebird's game selection

cute dog that seemed to be independently enjoying the artwalk--going in between the shop across the way and Bluebird

Heather & Jen

I can't tell you what Heather is holding--this is a clean blog

cool picture [by Scooter]; me playing an interactive installation piece by Brad Biancardi--it actually creates sound

Wendy, (a friend of Scooter and Heather's [and now mine], who we coincidentally ran into and took along on our artwalk adventure) Jen, and Heather

I began to realize, after a cue from Heather, that to take a good picture, one must be prepared with Scooter, who is ever lurking around corners, ready to pop up and snap an unflattering candid shot. Ha! Scooter. Bring it. We're ready! (Notice the blurry brick wall in the right of the picture above? It's Scooter trying to be sneaky behind the corner)

and who doesn't end a night on Capitol Hill without some Dick's [drive-in]?



Wednesday, July 8, 2009

we girls and our art...

barbwire heart 2009 by jen

Quick little shout about our art.
Tomorrow night I will be at Bluebird: Homemade Ice Cream and Tea Room [].
It happens to be Bluebird's grand opening day, as well as the Capitol Hill artwalk. Check "where we at" for details.

Exactly one week after, Thursday July 16th, Heather will show her work at Salon Pena as part of the Edmond's artwalk [].

Hope to see you.