Friday, August 29, 2008

Recycled and Vintage Gift Wrap Embellishment Packages

I thought I'd create a little post about one of my latest listings on I am a collector of vintage things--papers, postcards, sheet music, art, toys, etc.--and I also love hanging on to bits that I feel I can use again later. Instead of just collecting these things, I thought it might be a good idea to share (sharing is caring, my kids sometimes say; but they also are known to say things like, "I don't like sharing," but that's another story). Anyway, I created small gift wrap embellishment packages that have a few things that can be added to any simply wrapped gift to give it artistic personality and cause it to stand out among other gifts, which is sometimes important when the budget is tight--the gift may be small, but the packaging can show the thought [that counts]. The photo shows 3 simply wrapped gifts, one being a plain cardboard box, and how they can come to life with a little recycled love. The packages I've created to share are meant to be a convenience to people without time to gather. I hope I've at least inspired.


Monday, August 25, 2008

Garage Sale Find for a Project

I bought this at a garage sale. It was fairly cute--red dresser, a little banged up (in a rustic way), with glass knobs. I created my own decals out of contact paper, placed them on the dresser, painted it white, then removed the decals to reveal the designs as seen.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Edmond's Artwalk

Last Thursday I had the opportunity to participate in the Edmond's Artwalk, which is one of my favorite places to show, mostly due to the fact that Edmond's is one of my favorite artsy beach towns.
I was stationed at Marilyn Young Beauty,, and if you're ever in the area, it is a beauty boutique that is definitely worth checking out. Marilyn is as nice as she is beautiful (she's very pretty), and her shop is festive, feminine, and full of eye candy. She also has a sweet black cat named Ava Gardner that roams the shop.
I had the good fortune to meet many new people, and to see several familiar faces; and even fortunate enough to sell some work.
I am including a photo of a commission piece I recently completed for a patron. I borrowed this piece to share at the Artwalk, and I thought it might be worth sharing, since it is accurately representative of the direction I am currently creating. It's a large (36"x 48") mixed media--acrylic, spray paint, vintage cookbook paper, and cotton cloth. It's symbolic of a family tree, and it's entitled, "and the tree was happy," after Shel Silverstein's The Giving Tree. (photo above)

Also for the Artwalk, in lieu of the traditional portfolio, I created a journal type book to display past work and some of the stories and inspiration surrounding the pieces.

If you have yet to visit the Edmond's Artwalk, it is definitely worth your time. I think it may be one of the few in the Seattle area that is year round (can't let a little rain keep you down). Here's the link if interested:

Friday, August 15, 2008

Recent Artistic Endeavor: A Long Time Coming

In keeping with the blogging commitment I made on behalf of Heather and I, I'll share this recent project that has been a long time coming.
The story goes:
A couple of years ago, my friends Bill and Shannon were about to relocate their family to Portland. I happened upon their house in the midst of last minute chaotic packing. (I think I was returning their precious kitten who loved to hang on my curtains--we were kitty-sitting, but that's another story). Anyway Bill is a metal sculptor, and in his yard sat the piece that I am now fortunate enough to call my own. I asked what he intended to do with the sculpture, and he offered it to me. I'm not really sure if he meant it, but I jumped on the opportunity--I loved the piece! He and his sons were kind enough to bring it over and place it where I envisioned it; it's in the perfect place. This time of year, it melts into its environment, but in the winter it stands out and brings hope to its bare surroundings.
Well, Bill and Shannon moved back to our town, and I could tell that each time Bill visited our house (bringing his goats over so we could goat-sit or what not--another story), he seemed a little disappointed I hadn't yet finished the basins of the sculpture. The basins are recycled wheel wells (?) and were in need of some artistic love to allow the piece to shine in its glory, although the piece would look just as good with straight rusty basins--the birds may not agree. So anyway, with some paint, gold leaf, sealant, and wax paste, I've finally finished it...for the birds and for Bill.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008


This opening post is a welcome, not just to you as reader/viewers, but to Heather and I too. We are officially bloggers (I think), and with that, we make the commitment to post on a regular basis. If not me (Jennifer), then Heather, and our commitment is to keep record of our artistic endeavors--together and individually, as well as our outings and other noteworthy happenings in the artistic lives of us (otherwise known as Jen and Heather's shenanigans). We also commit to be brief, be bright, and be gone, which causes concern that this post is already too long and boring (yawn).
With that, we officially begin our blogging history!!! (imagine a fantastic ribbon cutting ceremony).
oh, and about this picture: Heather and I have very few pictures of us together, so this is a recent photo that we took. Riana (Jen's daughter) is our photographer, as well as the upstager to this photo--she'll be so pleased, she tries to sneak in most photos, but anyway, I don't know how Heather feels about this photo, but I am crossing my eyes (you can't really tell, I just look slightly dorkier than I already am).