Tuesday, September 29, 2009

nice time

So I'm in Milwaukee, and I very much look forward to returning home tomorrow, and it's not just because of this creepy hallway from my hotel [shown above]. Beside becoming dizzy from the combination of the florescent lighting and funky carpet pattern, the chanting come play with us Danny runs through my mind each time I walk down this hallway.
So I had some time to myself yesterday, and decided to take the opportunity to check out the Milwaukee Museum of Art, which just opened their Warhol exhibit. As I approached the entrance, I realized they looked obviously closed [on Mondays] and turned to watch my cab drive away. And so my short journey in Milwaukee began.

This is the view from the skybridge of the museum. Forgive my phone camera, it doesn't take the most delicious of pictures, but you get the idea.

And this is the pink fountain that is outside of the museum. I would have liked to have seen it on a sunny day, but the day I experienced in downtown Milwaukee was possibly more interesting--due to the sustained 35-40 mile an hour winds that plagued the city. *By the way, oh how I wish the museum was open Monday.

This is the view of the city as I approached it from the skybridge.

I originally set out to look for food and shelter [in a "I'm pretty hungry and it's pretty windy" way] and came upon this hole in the wall bookstore, which really was misleading, because once in the doors, it seemed to go on forever. Very cool shop. Long, narrow, and stacked higher than I could reach without a stool, with any type of book a person could imagine.
In the back, up two flights of a concrete stairwell, and all the way toward the front window of the shop, resides the art section. I love used books [history, stories, stains, missing pages], but the beauty of this shop is the crates and boxes of art prints & postcards protected in sleeves and stacked to be thumbed through by a scavenger like me. I was probably there an hour, and barely scratched the surface.
I, for $3 + some odd cents, walked out with 7 articles, including: a vintage postcard, some prints [one being of my friend Vincent and his missing ear], a vintage informational pamphlet on the Church of St. Elizabeth, and a print that wasn't particularly catching but featured an excerpt from Henry Wadsworth Longfellow's The Builders [in a nice stoic sentiment if you ask me].

Nothing useless is, or low;
Each thing in its place is best;
And what seems but idle show
Strengthens and supports the rest.

These are some of the crates from the bookshop.
The rest of the story is...I didn't blow away, and now I'm going home; I have some treasures and a nice time in Milwaukee. Yes I said it--nice time in Milwaukee.

That's that.


Saturday, September 19, 2009

dead ted & rita bonita

dead ted 2009 6"x 6" mixed media

Today was a terrifically gloomy grey day of drizzle in the Northwest. Very inspiring to stay home and paint all day--well that and clean, do laundry, cook [macaroni and cheese for the kids, because I really didn't feel like stopping painting, and by the way, I'm probably the last mom on earth to admit that publicly], prepare plywood for future projects, and make [yes real home-made] snickerdoodles. PRO-DUCTIVE...my day was today.
The grey day also inspired some autumn theme (Halloween and Dia De Los Muertos) bits, like dead ted and rita bonita.

Story goes like this...Ted loved Rita from afar for days [long time for Ted], and on a grey gloomy Tuesday, much like today, he walked across the street from his barber shop (funny because clearly Ted has no hair) to Rita's bikini latte stand. Unfortunately Ted stepped in front of the 11am city sightseeing tour bus, which usually slows down as it passes by Rita's bikini stand, but on that day barrelled through with the fury of a red sports car. Rita kicked off her high heels to run barefoot to the scene of Ted's demise. It was then that she noticed, crumpled in Ted's hand, a photo of her--somewhat creepy, because it seemed to be a surveillance still shot, but the picture persisted to soften Rita's heart. Tragically still, Rita grew ill from pneumonia and died on Friday [too many rainy days of chill, and not enough clothing]. But on a happy note, Ted and Rita reunited in the afterlife, where they formally met and fell in love.

The end.
[They currently follow Riana, but that's a side story].

rita bonita 2009 6"x 6" mixed media

*oh, and thanks to Bill for cutting my plywood on this rainy day--snickerdoodles are for you.


Monday, September 14, 2009

you can commission a fire?

simple as that 2009 24"x 24" mixed media

Thanks to those who came out to Tacoma City Ballet to enjoy the festivities of Saturday evening. Between the bits of modern and ballet dance, the music, the dessert, the champagne and the art, it was a great [possibly last] nice summer Saturday night.

It was so nice to see my aunt and two cousins who came to the event. The surprise of the night (other than my one cousin's new baby bump) was talking to my attorney cousin who is running for fire commissioner. She wanted to give me one of her signs, which I am thrilled about and told her I would hang it as a work of art in my home, and I noticed that as she dug through the trunk of her car, she seemed to be looking for "the best" sign to give me [sweet].